about us

El Shaddai is a 501(c)3 ministry that provides women and men with opportunities to seek God, and study his Word, in a peaceful and lovely setting.  The Retreat Center has a major focus on seeking and sharing God's answers for women's issues and needs.

El Shaddai is governed by a Board of Directors of women who share the vision of providing a quiet place for others to hear God's truths.  Their hope is that all who come will have opportunity for personal growth, with a strong focus on women and their needs.  The Board knows that by hearing God's truths from His Word, understanding and healing will change lives.



We believe:

          There is only one God who eternally exists in Three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

          There is only one complete written revelation from God to man: The Bible.

          There is only one way for sinful mankind to be made right with the Holy God: By faith         alone, through grace alone, in Jesus Christ alone.

          There is only one true church made up of those who have put their trust in Jesus for their eternal salvation: The Body of Christ.